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Lots of blowjob scenes in game 09 because we have now 2 boys and 4 girls and that makes the action more interesting.The pressures on the guys in all games to reach climax quickly seems unfair when it is more difficult for them to 'fake it' and especially when the girls tend not to help but to hinder sometimes.Watch the previews you will see what i mean!

Players: Sarah, Lexi, Mikey, Gerard, Morgan, Aspen

Running time: 104 mins

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Game 9 Rounds Preview

Round 1

DareRing  Game 9 Round 1

Round 2

DareRing  Game 9 Round 2

Round 3

DareRing  Game 9 Round 3

Round 4

DareRing  Game 9 Round 4

Round 5

DareRing  Game 9 Round 5

Round 6

DareRing  Game 9 Round 6

Round 7

DareRing  Game 9 Round 7
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Game 9 reviews by darering.com members

WARNING: If you have't watched Game 9 yet, and don't want to be told what happens, stop reading now! 'cause these reviews contain spoilers!

BobbyC wrote:

After watching the re-posed Game #9, I felt compelled to post. The "old" game #9 was very, very hot. Not just because of Annabelle, but because the women were all game.

Part of the biggest turn-on for me about Dare Ring is the idea that some of the players are really into each other -- that they really have some hot desire to crawl in between each other's legs, or that they really are getting off performing for each other and the camera. (Ashley and Dakota in Darering Game 8 come to mind.) The hint of nervousness, the "I've never done this before" feeling to some of the games is an amazing turn-on and keeps me watching.

Maybe some of it is fake, maybe it's real -- but it's entertainment and for many of the videos, I can really get into it. For the people watching/downloading, I'm sure a lot of the thrill is picturing yourself in that ring. I know that's the way it works for me.

So what's up with the new Game 9? All I can say is, while watching (especially round 7), I didn't want to picture myself in that ring. The guy was certainly game, but it was really clear that the women (except for MIkey) weren't into it. As Mikey was giving oral sex to the guy at the end, they even talked about how awkward it was to watch. That's not what I wanted to hear. What happened in previous games was the "watchers" actually joined in! I vaguely recall Cat not being totally naked by the start of Round 7 in Game 10, but as others joined in, she shucked off her remaining clothes and had at it -- that's the attitude the viewers want to see, I think.

Similarly, so much of the hotness of the "old" Game 9 was that Annabelle talked about never having been with a woman before. But she was game on the giving and receiving part, and the 3-on-1 scene was just amazing. It sure looked like she was into it and enjoying herself.

In the "new" darering Game 9, there was a woman who said in the early round that she had never been with a woman either. But she never got naked, and passed whenever she had the opportunity. She (and player 1) just broadcast awkwardness and nervousness. And because of that attitude the "oral sex until you're satisfied" turned into 30-second short-takes. In the context of Dare Ring, when I hear about someone going "until satisfied", I think of Michelle after being on the receiving end of the strapon at the end of darering game 6. Not 30 seconds, "eh, ok".

Mikey was the only one of the women who really acted game and giving. I think that's why she was chosen so often in round 7 -- because others were exucidng that "please not me" vibe and Mikey was the only one who was broadcasting that she was game and having fun. That said, it seems for Mikey that this is a whole lot of "Sex and the City" fun, joking around sort of stuff, not the serious "come fuck me" or "I'm gonna make you scream in passion" stuff that *I* get off on. I think Mikey's joking was what made a lot of Game 12 subpar, but it probably rescued this game (new 9/13) from being totally a bust.

She really did a yeoman's job giving a blowjob/handjob throughout the chattering and singing (ugh) of the other women. Given what I perceived to be the temperature of the room, it's a great testament to her oral skills that the guy finished (given the distractions and awkwardness).

On the "small things" I really liked the substitution of a stopwatch for the counting out loud.

Webmaster, this is a great website. You have a quality product here. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to put these things together and to keep bot hthe performers happy and your audience engaged. Thanks for your honest heads-up about what to expect from this darering game 9. I hope my comments are taken constructively and not as a slam -- I really do want to see more!

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